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We provide professional help for residential homeowners looking to keep up their curb appeal and increase the value of their homes.

Property Cleanup

The deep cleaning of your gardens will help you have the best garden in your city. Every cleanup will help exterminate animals that won't do your family any good.

Remove leaves and pine needles from your lawn so that they don’t decompose and damage the grass. During the cleanups, our professional property cleanup team will make sure that all the foliage is trimmed away from the home's gutters and siding. This helps prevent rodents or insects from making their way into your house and keeps algae from growing on your building.

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Most property cleanups take only 1-2 days and can completely transform the look of your lawn.

For many of our clients request property cleanup right before putting their home on the market to sell. A small investment spent on trimming, weeding, edging, and landscaping can create wonderful curb appeal and increase the value of your home dramatically.

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